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Cardio For Life Quality Control

Cardio For Life Has Quality Control 

CardioForLife™ is manufactured using a patented process by Unichem International Inc. Unichem International Inc is a fully licensed nutraceutical and dietary supplement manufacturing company. The facility and equipment meet the current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) Guidelines along with the strict FDA and state department regulations.

Every aspect of the manufacturing, packaging, quality control, testing and product evaluation are done to ensure that we surpass not only USP standards… but also our customers expectations. An outside independent lab is used to guarantee every product manufacture maintains a high quality standard. In addition, bacteriological tests are performed on all raw materials to ensure our products are free from pathogens, yeast, mold and fungi.

Unichem International Inc has experienced personnel with backgrounds in clinical and industrial pharmacy, pharmaceutics, processing and dietary supplement manufacturing for over 20 years. Our staff participates in on-going education, research and new product development to keep us at top of our field. Let us put expertise to work for you.

My Cardio for Life, Improving Cardiovascular Health

Stop Heart Disease...

The Leading Cause of Death currently among Americans is heart disease.   By using of the latest technology in early detection devices and the implementation of a good diet, exercise and targeted nutritional supplement program, heart disease numbers in America, as well as around the world, will begin to decline.

Welcome to CardioForLife

CardioForLife® is an L-Arginine blend of powerful ingredients that are highly absorbable and delivered in a tasty liquid form.

CardioForLife® utilizes technology that maximizes absorption of nutrients through our unique patent pending processing system. You can be sure that you will receive all the nutritional benefits using CardioForLife®. CardioForLife® is a powerful blend of ingredients that are highly absorbable delivered in a tasty liquid form.

Cardio For Life comes in 3 wonderful flavors, Orange, Peach, and Grape. CardioForLife is also gluten free, sugar free, sodium free, MSG free, GMO free, lactose free, animal free, preservative free and nothing artificial. Also be sure an try our other natural line of weight loss, joint relief, and cleanse products.

You can be sure that you will receive all the nutritional benefits using CardioForLife®.

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